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Elegant Event and Party Tent Rentals in Flanders

When you seek elegant event and party tent rentals in Flanders, look no further than Long Island Tent & Party Rentals. We provide a wide selection of tents to enhance the ambiance of your Flanders event. From weddings to corporate functions, our tents add a touch of sophistication. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth and stress-free experience, allowing you to enjoy your Flanders event to the fullest. Choose Long Island Tent & Party Rentals for all your event and party tent needs in Flanders.

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Kickstart Your Special Day with Our Tent Rentals

Kickstart your special day with Long Island Tent & Party Rentals. Our tent rentals are the perfect way to begin your wedding day or any other significant event. We offer a diverse selection of tents to suit your needs and style. With our experienced team managing setup and takedown, you can kickstart your special day with confidence, knowing your event will be a success with our top-notch tent rentals.

Tent Rentals Dering Harbor

We Have a Variety of Elegant Tent Styles for Your Flanders Event

White Frame Tent Rental Dering Harbor

White Frame Tent

White frame tents are a popular choice for many outdoor events and gatherings. The sturdy aluminum frames provide a secure and stable structure that can be installed on any surface.

Clear Top Tent Rental Dering Harbor

Clear Top

Clear top tents are designed to let nature’s backdrop be part of the event while still providing overhead protection. These tents can be installed on any surface, and there are no center poles.

Tent Liner Rental Dering Harbor

Tent Liner

Our tent liner and pole covers will add a finishing touch of sophistication to any event. These décor elements are used as a stylish way to hide the tent’s framework while providing a beautiful setting!

Skylight Tent Rental Dering Harbor


This unique feature allows natural light to pour into the event space, creating a beautiful and vibrant atmosphere that your guests will love. What truly sets them apart is their show-stopping skylight roof.

Sailcloth Tent Rental Dering Harbor


This tent style offers your event a classic look no matter which size you choose! Sailcloth tents require an additional 6 feet in conjunction with the tent size and can only be installed on a grass surface.

Swag Tent Rental Dering Harbor


Choosing to add swag to your tent will help to create a one-of-a-kind backdrop that will leave a lasting impression on your guests! We have multiple colors to choose from to match your event’s ambiance and style.

What Our Clients Say


Q. How Much to Rent a Party Tent?

A. The cost to rent a party tent from Long Island Tent & Party Rentals depends on various factors, including tent size, style, duration of the rental, and any additional services or accessories you may need. We offer competitive pricing and a variety of options to meet your budget. To receive a personalized quote for your party tent rental, please contact our team, and we'll provide you with pricing information tailored to your event's specific requirements.

Q. Are Party Tents Weather-Resistant?

A. Yes, our party tents at Long Island Tent & Party Rentals are designed to be weather-resistant and provide shelter from various weather conditions, including light rain and sun. However, in case of inclement weather such as heavy rain, strong winds, or storms, we recommend consulting with our team for proper installation and guidance to ensure the safety and comfort of your event. We offer additional accessories like sidewalls and flooring to enhance weather protection if needed. Your safety and event's success are our top priorities.

Q. Do You Provide Delivery and Setup Services?

A. Yes, we offer comprehensive delivery and setup services at Long Island Tent & Party Rental. Our dedicated team ensures a hassle-free experience by handling the transportation, installation, and setup of all rented equipment, including tents and accessories. You can rely on us to arrange everything according to your specifications, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event without any logistical concerns.

Q. What Sizes Are Available for Your Party Tents?

A. At Long Island Tent & Party Rental, we provide a range of party tent sizes to suit various event needs. Our sizes include 10' x 10', 20' x 20', 20' x 30', 20' x 40', 30' x 30', 30' x 40', 30' x 60', 40' x 40', and 40' x 80'. These sizes cater to gatherings of all sizes, from intimate events to larger celebrations. Our goal is to ensure that you have the perfect tent size to accommodate your guests and create a comfortable and memorable event experience.

Q. What Are Party Tents Made From?

A. Party tents are typically constructed from a combination of materials designed to offer durability and functionality. The primary components include a frame made of materials such as aluminum or steel, providing structural support. The canopy or cover, often composed of vinyl, polyester, or polyethylene, serves as the outer layer, offering protection from the elements. Sidewalls, if used, are typically made from the same materials as the canopy. Connectors, fittings, stakes, and anchors are commonly made of metal to ensure stability and security. The specific materials and quality of construction can vary among tent types and manufacturers, but these elements come together to create reliable and versatile party tents.

Q. What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Reputable Party Tent Rental Company?

A. Hiring Long Island Tent & Party Rental, a reputable party tent rental company, offers several key benefits. We provide high-quality, well-maintained equipment, ensuring a professional and attractive setup for your event. Our experienced staff can offer expert guidance on tent selection, ensuring the right size and style for your needs. Long Island Tent & Party Rental prioritizes reliability, delivering and setting up the equipment on time for a seamless event experience. We adhere to safety standards, offer customization options, and provide convenience, all while offering cost-effective solutions compared to purchasing your own equipment. Partnering with us adds value and peace of mind to your event, making it a wise choice for hosting successful gatherings.


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