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By paying deposit, client agrees to all terms and conditions of rental contract.

Reservations / Payment Terms / Cancellation Policies

  • When reservation is placed, a 20% deposit is required. A signed contract must be received and on file within 48 hours after company issues client email. If company does not receive signed contract within 48 hours, your order remains a quote and client runs the risk that company may not have equipment order.
  • By paying deposit, client agrees to all terms and conditions of rental contract.
  • Final payment must be paid on delivery day, cash or credit card, no exceptions.
  • Refund Policy: All deposits are non-refundable. Any cancellations within 10 days of the event date will not be honored and the entire contract balance will be due in full.
Delivery / Set-Up / Breakdowns
  • Typical delivery days are as follows: Saturday Events – Set up: Wednesday – Friday; Sunday Events – Set up: Wednesday – Saturday; All other days set ups are 1-3 days prior to event date.
  • Typical pick up days are 1-3 days after the event.
  • All rentals are considered a one day rental unless specified otherwise on the invoice. Additional charges may apply if rental is extended or not ready to be picked up the day after the event.
  • Deliveries / pickups can be moved, depending on inclement weather or workload.
  • Additional charges will apply to orders requiring delivery / pick up before or after our typical hours of operations.
  • Deliveries are given a 2-4 hour time frame. Courtesy calls are done evening prior to delivery day.
  • Equipment safety is solely the customer’s responsibility from the time of delivery to pick up time.
  • If items must be transported to a specific area, i.e. upstairs, elevators or any point where extra time is involved, customer will be responsible for additional charges.
  • Long Island Tent & Party Rentals Inc. does not set up tables and chairs. They are left stacked under the tent.
  • Table and chair set up and breakdown service is available for an additional fee.
  • If you set up the equipment, it is also your responsibility to break it down into stacks and return it to the place it was delivered.
Tent Preparation / Installation / Breakdown
  • Customer is responsible to ensure tent & equipment location is completely clear of all obstructions PRIOR TO Long Island Tent & Party Rental, Inc. arrives at event location for tent installation or takedown.
  • Rental items from Long Island Tent & Party Rental, Inc. must be left stacked under tent for pick up in a secure location.
  • Contact person needs to be on location or tent placement needs to be decided and communicated to Long Island Tent & Party Rental, Inc., prior to tent delivery and installation. Additional fees will be applied if tent installation is delayed because either requirement was not met. Tents will not be moved once erected, without incurring an additional charge.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to advise Long Island Tent & Party Rental, Inc. what is underground prior to tent delivery / installation. We are not responsible for any underground utilities, sprinkler systems, pipes, septic systems, electrical, rocks, etc.
  • Keep in mind that overhead clearance (i.e., electrical wires, tree branches, etc.) is also necessary.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to know the permit restrictions / codes for the event location. Long Island Tent & Party Rentals Inc., is not responsible for reimbursement of tent rentals for customers who did not check permit policies / codes enforced by local or state agencies.
  • Tent heaters need 20 # – 100 # tanks to function. Client is responsible for ordering propane and arranging for the delivery to be on Monday or Tuesday prior to the event date.
  • As a service to our customers, we offer the rental of linens and napkins in a variety of colors and sizes. Once linens are reserved, cancellation may result in a restocking fee if order has already been placed or received. Last minute additions to linen orders may be possible but they are costly and cannot be guaranteed.
  • Customer is responsible for verifying they received the appropriate number on delivery day. Long Island Tent & Party Rental, Inc., cannot be responsible for miscounted linens.
  • Customer must return all linens free from any burns, wax, tears, pins, tacks, abrasions, etc. Customer must remove all loose debris (food, décor, paper napkins, etc.) by shaking out linens and place in plastic bag(s) when dry. Wet linens produce mold and will result in replacement charges. Failure to do so will result in additional charges.
  • Customer is responsible for the replacement cost of any missing or damaged linen items.
  • We reserve the right to make final inspection of linens when we perform our cleaning procedure. Typically, this process is done and completed within 72 hours; after which you will be notified of missing or damaged items.
Customer Pick Ups
  • Customer is responsible for loading and unloading of all rental items. If we are able, we will assist you. However, we are not responsible for any damage or injury to you or your vehicle.
  • Customer must also arrive in adequate transportation, depending on items rented. If you are unsure, please ask. Damage can also be caused from inadequate room in customer’s vehicle. Any damage sustained from improper storage or travel is solely customer’s responsibility.
Rental Policies
  • Quotes and proposals do not guarantee rental item(s) availability.
  • All charges are for time out – whether or not items are used.
  • Equipment, upon return, is inspected. Clients will be charged for any damages to equipment that cannot be attributed to normal wear and tear. We reserve the right to modify charges for broken, missing, damaged, dirty items up to 72 hours after items have been returned and inspected.
  • Rentals returned beyond dirty or normal wear will be assessed a cleaning fee.
  • Rentals returned with staples, tape or any décor resulting in damage will be charged an additional fee, post event.
  • Tents: NO OPEN FIRES UNDER TENTS!! Cleaning fees will be charged for cleaning of tents that have been exposed to being near a fire. Decorations causing damage or are left hanging in tents will be assessed for a cleaning / removal / damage fees. Client to incur these costs upon on-site and/or return inspection.
Loss or Damage of Rental Items
  • Customer is responsible for any damage to or loss of equipment, while in customer’s possession. Accrued rental charges may not be applied against purchase charges or repair charges to lost or damaged equipment. Equipment damaged, while in customer’s possession, beyond repair will be paid for – at its replacement cost – when rented.
  • Customer assumes tent and equipment damage and replacement risk, for the following events – not excluding any other reasons noted: vandalism, mischief, theft, accessory item loss – extension cords, charging cords, hdmi cords, remote controls, hardware, etc., damage as a result of overloading, misuse, abuse or improper use of rental equipment; loss due to disappearance of wrongful conversion by a person entrusted with the equipment; equipment returned to another rental company in error, etc.
  • Customer is required to submit police reports to Long Island Tent & Party Rental Inc. for theft, vandalism or damaged caused due to equipment arising from illegal incidents.
  • Responsibility of equipment remains with the customer from times of customer pick up (or delivery) until the time of pick up or return. Please be sure equipment is in secure location when not in use and protected from the elements. Rentals left in the rain will sustain damage and potential repair or replacement fees.
  • Customer agrees to and shall indemnify and hold Long Island Tent & Party Rentals Inc., harmless from all claims, losses, damages, cause of actions, suits and liability of any kind, including all expenses of courts costs, litigation fees, attorney’s fees, for injury to or death of any person, or damage to any kind of property, or for any breach of contract, arising out of or in connection with this rental agreement and purposes for which this rental agreement was entered into, including but not limited to property damages, injuries and death due to the act, omission, mistake, fault, default or negligence of the customer, its agents and employees, any invitees, any uninvited guests, licensees, guest by invitees of the customer.
  • Any customer, who enters into a contract with Long Island Tent & Party Rentals Inc., agrees to have a confirmed and valid credit card on records with us at all times during the rental agreement period. You hereby authorize Long Island Tent & Party Rental Inc. to store your credit card information and to charge all sums due to us at any time during the term of this agreement, including damages, unreturned items and extra rental fees for items not returned by the due date.
  • Customer also agrees if these fees are assessed and customer disputes these charges, resulting in a chargeback, customer will be charged an additional administrative fee of $35.00 for the cost of supplying the necessary documentation to the credit card company in order to dispute the claim.