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Long Island Tent and Party Rentals is recognized in West Sayville as a trusted source for all your party tent rental needs. We specialize in delivering a range of high-quality tents, accompanied by professional and prompt service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has made us a favorite in the West Sayville community for any event requiring a tent.

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Kickstart Your Festivities with Our Party Tent Rentals

Launch your celebration with Long Island Tent and Party Rentals, where every tent rental kicks off an unforgettable event. Our party tents are designed to cater to any occasion, offering both luxury and practicality. Be it a lavish wedding or a festive corporate event, our tents create the perfect setting to start your festivities. Our dedicated team ensures every detail is perfected, promising not just an event, but an experience that starts on a high note.

Tent Rentals Dering Harbor

We Have a Variety of Elegant Tent Styles for Your West Sayville Event

White Frame Tent Rental Dering Harbor

White Frame Tent

White frame tents are a popular choice for many outdoor events and gatherings. The sturdy aluminum frames provide a secure and stable structure that can be installed on any surface.

Clear Top Tent Rental Dering Harbor

Clear Top

Clear top tents are designed to let nature’s backdrop be part of the event while still providing overhead protection. These tents can be installed on any surface, and there are no center poles.

Tent Liner Rental Dering Harbor

Tent Liner

Our tent liner and pole covers will add a finishing touch of sophistication to any event. These décor elements are used as a stylish way to hide the tent’s framework while providing a beautiful setting!

Skylight Tent Rental Dering Harbor


This unique feature allows natural light to pour into the event space, creating a beautiful and vibrant atmosphere that your guests will love. What truly sets them apart is their show-stopping skylight roof.

Sailcloth Tent Rental Dering Harbor


This tent style offers your event a classic look no matter which size you choose! Sailcloth tents require an additional 6 feet in conjunction with the tent size and can only be installed on a grass surface.

Swag Tent Rental Dering Harbor


Choosing to add swag to your tent will help to create a one-of-a-kind backdrop that will leave a lasting impression on your guests! We have multiple colors to choose from to match your event’s ambiance and style.

What Our Clients Say


Q. How Much Are Wedding Tent Rentals?

A. At Long Island Tent and Party Rentals, wedding tent rental costs depend on your chosen tent's size and style, as well as any extras like staging, lighting, or custom decor. Generally, basic tents start at a lower cost, with prices increasing for larger or more luxurious designs. To get an accurate estimate for your wedding day, contact our team with your event specifics.

Q. How Many Guests Can a Party Tent Rental Accommodate?

A. Our party tents at Long Island Tent and Party Rentals come in various sizes, each accommodating a different number of guests. Small tents may suit intimate gatherings of 20-40 people, while our larger options can cater to events with 200-300 guests or more. The final capacity will depend on your event's seating arrangement and additional space requirements for things like stages or catering setups.

Q. What Sizes Are Available for Your Party Tents?

A. Long Island Tent and Party Rentals provides a variety of party tent sizes to ensure the perfect fit for any event. Our inventory ranges from compact tents like 15x15 ft, ideal for small functions, to expansive tents such as 50x100 ft for grand celebrations. We can also combine tents for unique configurations. Get in touch for personalized recommendations based on your event’s needs.

Q. Do You Provide Delivery and Setup Services?

A. Yes, at Long Island Tent and Party Rentals, we provide comprehensive delivery and setup services for all our tent rentals. Our skilled team will handle the transport, setup, and breakdown of the tents, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your event. We work closely with you to schedule delivery and setup times that align with your event planning needs.

Q. What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Reputable Party Tent Rental Company?

A. Working with an established party tent rental company gives you access to a broad range of high-quality tents and accessories. Long Island Tent and Party Rentals prides itself on exceptional customer service, providing tailored solutions to meet your specific event needs. Our professional team handles all logistics, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event.

Q. How Much Wind Can a Party Tent Withstand?

A. Party tents from Long Island Tent and Party Rentals are built to endure standard weather conditions, including wind. The maximum wind speed a tent can withstand depends on factors like tent style, size, and anchoring methods. For detailed information on wind ratings for our various tent types, and to ensure your event's safety, please reach out to our team.


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